The Irish Tenors

What if the most incredulous, the most jaded among us could become — if only briefly — entranced by the holiday spirit? It's a tall order given the cynicism brewing because of money woes and a general lack of, well, joy. But, as in the case of the Biblical Magi, three wise men come our way to celebrate with us and share the gift of music — and lung capacity. The Irish Tenors should not be cast as a niche classical group playing to the tastes of snobbish, top-hat-and-monocle types. Finbar Wright, Anthony Kearns, and Karl Scully — world-class talents that they are — aren't above recording tunes like "Whiskey in the Jar," a traditional Irish folk song made popular by the rock band Thin Lizzy in the '70s, and "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," which they're likely to perform along with other Christmas favorites from their 2003 We Three Kings album this weekend. With a balance of long, meditative melodies and slight Irish accents, the Irish Tenors paint an aural scene where time is an ode to the good in man and worship is not a chore but a musical performance. Sure, they're singing about Christmas and joy and boughs of holly, but to hear three of the world's best voices sing "Little Drummer Boy" will make even the most jaded among us appreciate the season. Pa rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum.


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