The Juice: Hell Breaks Loose at Mango Festival in Deerfield Beach Over the Weekend

Here's an idea: First, promise Deerfield Beach residents that Monica, Omarion, Chrisette Michele, Bobby Womack, and other stars of R&B and jazz will provide musical entertainment for Father's Day weekend at a festival named after a delicious refreshing fruit held at Deerfield Beach's West Side Park. Next, charge VIP ticket holders $75 and vendors $1,000 to get a piece of the weekend's action. Finally, don't pay the talent or the company providing sound for the event. UPDATED: And have a nasty rainstorm damage the sound equipment, washing away any chance of salvaging the tarnished event.

This is exactly what happened at the severely underripe Mango Festival over the weekend.

The Juice's Tom Francis predicted there would be some issues and received a bevy of angry comments ("CHRISETTE MICHELLE NEVER MADE IT TO FLORIDA BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T GET PAID") from the folks who made it out there. Today, Francis follows up and speaks to Mango Festival promoter Norris Wiggins about the Mango meltdown.

Furthermore, Francis points out that the Deerfield Beach Commission

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will discuss the Mango debacle, which amounted to a virtually

empty venue and a ton of wasted food, at a special meeting this evening.

Apologies and info regarding ticket refunds are at the festival's official site.

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