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The Jungle Hits the Swamp

Most South Florida electronica fans fiend for deep house and trance. Up north in Orlando, breakbeats reign supreme. Drum 'n' bass (or jungle), with its too-many-to-count beats per minute, enjoys scattered pockets of popularity nationwide but hasn't been able to carve out a foothold in our sandy soil. As one of the original drum 'n' bass purveyors in the U.S., DJ DB began his career during the early-'90s NYC rave scene. In 1996, he cofounded Breakbeat Science, the first record store in America devoted exclusively to drum 'n' bass 'n' stuff. In 1999, this self-proclaimed "world-traveling sneaker pimp" established F-111, a dance label affiliated with Warner Bros., and pumped out remix collections, including The Higher Education Drum 'N' Bass Session, which trod ever so lightly into the dark side of the boom. DB's most recent effort, The Secret Art of Science, seamlessly melds aggression and melody and, for the uninitiated, provides a painless introduction to jungle.

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