The Lounge

The Lounge has a penchant for left-field art and trippy experimental music. Accordingly, cute artsy types parade in and out of this place with perfect just-out-of-bed hair and black-framed specs and the casual manner of the cool kids at senior prom. The minimalist décor is offset by colorful — wacky, even — cartoon and surrealist paintings. The soothing videos of colorful fish and tranquil coral stand out against the smoky air and the edgy, often-shrill character of the psychedelic indie and electronic tunes. The black pearl mosaic tiles behind the bar shimmer lightly, and even with the live music blaring outside, the DJ spinning inside, and the strobe lights pulsating about the room violently, the Lounge maintains a serene attitude. The deep bass resonates on the clean, almost bare walls, muffling conversation and friendly laughter. Despite being Clematis Street's mod boys' and girls' hangout, the Lounge has a laid-back, get-together vibe that doesn't discriminate against those of us who are clearly not part of the clique. It leaves us instead to take in some pretty cool music and enjoy some pretty cool surroundings. The Lounge offers choice booze and chilled sake daily, but the party happens Fridays when TGIH (Thank God It's Honey!) goes down with $2 domestics, $3 imports, and twofers on wells. Thank God It's Honey is a collaborative venture between the folks at the Lounge and to give local acts like TV Club, Spred the Dub, and Kim Drake a stage — and West Palm's musical elitists a home.


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