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The Mission Veo

The local fivesome the Mission Veo specializes in a dripping-black variety of dance rock, shot through with tribal drumbeats, minor-key melodies, and darkwave keyboard stabs. And, sure, plenty of bands these days attempt this kind of dark dance-floor psychedelia, but the Mission Veo's got another serious weapon in its arsenal: frontman Jonny. The spiky-haired scarf-lover truly uses his voice as an instrument, taking it from deep, vibrating, Peter Murphy-style incantations to high-end quavers and back. And with a glam, let's-put-on-a-show air, live he truly owns the stage, pacing, jumping, and fixing audience members with a piercing stare. Yes, it's all a bit dramatic, but that's the point — and the band has the musical chops to back it up. And the momentum is building. The Mission Veo recently played the Florida Music Festival to great reception, ensnaring a few A&R types into its web. It'll also take the stage this summer at the local stop of the Warped Tour, beating out dozens of other local hopefuls for the slot in a contest sponsored by the website Sonic Bids.


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