The Panic Channel

Oh, to be Dave Navarro. Shortly after announcing his split from the famously pneumatic Carmen Electra, Navarro was reportedly keeping company with porn icon Jenna Jameson. This guy needs to write a guide to hooking up immediately. If only the Panic Channel's debut were that intriguing. Navarro's new group seems like a can't-miss on paper, thanks to the participation of drummer/fellow Jane's Addiction vet Stephen Perkins and bassist Chris Chaney, who handled JA's bass chores during the outfit's passable 2003 reunion. Unfortunately, the vocalist slot is filled by Steve Isaacs, whose principal qualification seems to be prior employment at MTV, where Navarro and Electra once co-starred in the comically mistitled 'Til Death Do Us Part. Whenever Isaacs opens his yap, banality ensues — particularly on "Why Cry," the most egregious power ballad this side of White Lion. And while Navarro's wailing props up "Left to Lose," it can't make the tune memorable. Next time around, Dave, why not ditch the band and record a session with Jenna? Betcha no one would change that Channel.

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