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The Pirate Republic

The Pirate Republic


234 Almond Ave.


The Pirate Republic

Fort Lauderdale

It's a hidden treasure, buried in the side of a Las Olas beachfront building. Find it and you've got plenty of sake. When the Pirate Republic opened more than a year ago, the walls were clean and white. Now they're covered in graffiti that ranges from your run-of-the-mill "Pub Stalker was here '07" to elaborate sketches that must've taken several visits to finish. The décor is simple: pirate shit all over. Jolly Rogers hang from the walls, as do model ships and nautical mannequins, none of which are safe from the sting of Sharpie-wielding landlubbers. You sit at communal tables, which means you have to sit with sea dogs and wenches you normally wouldn't talk to, but it's a small place anyway (600 square feet). Besides, the music ranges from "Yo Ho, Yo Ho" (yes, they actually play that song) to Frank Zappa to Air Supply. You can't help but get along listening to that medley. Adding to the intimacy, the Pirate Republic seems to be mostly a locals hangout; a lot of the people who work at the area bars and restaurants drift in for a beer and some late-night grub. The place has great ceviche, the perfect companion for your Landshark Lager. The Republic doesn't serve hard liquor but makes up for it with a wide selection of sake, wine, and beer.


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