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The Pitter Patter of ...

At least you know right away from their slogan whether you're gonna love them or whether you want to stay as far away as possible from the cloud of patchouli they might draw: Little Feat declares itself "the jamband's jamband." Good or evil? You decide. Founded in L.A. by original members of Zappa's Mothers of Invention, the Feat has been around since before the j word was even coined — more than 30 years. That's long enough for Carly Simon, Garth Brooks, and Jimmy Buffett to have covered their songs and for thousands of fans to have made bootleg recordings of their shows. If you know anything about or have ever spoken the words heady, boogie, shakedown, or siiiiiick, then you're probably on board with this jangly, blues-based improv machine. Now touring as a ten-piece with horns, Little Feat has, over three decades and 20-some albums, proved that they really do have legs.


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