The Prime Minister of Funk

Legendary singer/band leader George Clinton is possibly the funkiest man in history. Although that distinction sounds like maybe the guy really needs to shower, Clinton is the architect of modern-day funk music alongside his pioneering '70s ensembles, Parliament and Funkadelic. Sure, he took some early cues from James Brown and his band, the JB's, but Brown was known as the Godfather of Soul. Clinton, on the other hand is the King of Interplanetary Funksmanship, and he wears the title well. He's cranked out tons of hits, including "Flashlight," "Dr. Funkenstein," and "Atomic Dog," and he was the source of the funk-inspired rap tunes of Dr. Dre and Warren G in the mid-'90s. He isn't the kind of guy who blends in with a crowd; he's known for his eccentric hairstyle, often rocking multi-colored dreads (more likely a wig) and loud outfits so that you know you're in the presence of funk royalty when you see him. Clinton's a Florida resident these days and would love the basement state support. So if you've never seen him or you're a fellow funketeer and your memory is a bit hazy, check him in concert Thursday. Just bring an extra stick of deodorant for your drive home.


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