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The Remnants

So, exactly how many cover songs do the Remnants know? Quite a few, actually. OK, a lot; more than 70 -- some punk, some garage, and some just plain rock. But that¹s not to say the Remnants are a cover band. Five of the six tunes on this disc are originals, which indicates that the four-piece has a deep knowledge of the myriad rock sounds it digs. And they are executed with all the enthusiasm of Axl Rose awaiting a Botox injection. The band¹s not just throwing together a few garage riffs; the Remnants have a more pervasive grasp of ¹60s and ¹70s rock aesthetics. There¹s as much Jefferson Airplane in these tunes as there is MC5, and it¹s evident in the deep, bellowing vocals of Cynthia Duvall. From the explosively raw opener ³Short Song² to the mellow, soulful psychedelia of ³Mean and Surly,² this band¹s record collections comprise more than just a few Nuggets compilations. And, in true Remnants fashion, the disc closes out with a boffo cover of the Pretenders¹ ³The Wait.² Fortunately, you don¹t have to wait to see the Remnants; they get around more than Pete Townshend on the Internet and are probably playing a show right now. Check out -- Jason Budjinski

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