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The Stills

With tours supporting Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it didn't take long for the Stills to get noticed and eventually signed with much hype and fanfare to Vice magazine's record label. The Montreal, Canada-based quartet's album, Logic Will Break Your Heart, was recorded in two weeks at a Brooklyn studio by producer Gus Van Go. The result is a fusion of paranoid melodies laid over brutally desolate guitars and frantic drum beats akin to the Wedding Present and Interpol. Jangle pop and '80s Manchester swagger play a crucial role in the Stills' melodrama, potentially placing them in the boom box of your adventurous aerobics instructor. While nowhere near the "classic" record it has been touted as, Logic goes a long way toward proving the '80s are the new '70s and new wave is the new disco. As long as Canada continues to give us bands like the Stills, Sloan, Spookey Ruben, and Broken Social Scene, we can forgive them for Loverboy.

The Stills help celebrate Club Revolver's fourth anniversary on Friday, December 17, at the Pawn Shop Lounge, 1222 NE Second Ave., Miami. 305-373-3511. Marqui Adora, Fashionista, and Modernage open.

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