The Sweet Chariots on June 9 at Propaganda

The Maddox Brothers and Rose are widely considered the pioneers of rockabilly by music historians, critics, and experts alike. They were playing "hillbilly" with a "rock-and-roll" twist before the latter was even invented, producing an original subgenre along the way. Though the siblings may have hitchhiked to California from Alabama and developed their sound in Modesto, the rockabilly genre is deeply rooted in the South. Closer to that southern home, the rockabilly torch is kept burning by the collective hand of Port Saint Lucie trio the Sweet Chariots. Complete with cuffed blue jeans and styled pompadours, these cats are straight out of an S.E. Hinton novel. However, there's more to their brand than greaser style. The Sweet Chariots are an incredibly talented bunch, wowing audiences not only with their undeniable command of the genre but with their balls-out live presence. Slapping you harder than an upright bass with fast-paced, two-minute-long ditties, they are the quintessential embodiment of rockabilly.


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