The Ten People You'll Meet Out in Hollywood, Florida

The Ten People You'll Meet Out in Hollywood, Florida
Michele Sandberg

Oh, Hollywood, Florida, that mysterious land just north of the Miami madness. It has its fair share of lovable freaks. Some of us here at County Grind call it home, and we're endlessly intrigued by its curious mix of characters.

To know the city is to know its people, and through some intensive people-watching exercises, we've narrowed it down to ten "types" that inhabit Hollywood's parts. Admittedly, we've generalized a bit, but we can definitely say that everyone there is at least a variation of one of these archetypes, ourselves included.

10. The FAU Bro

This tanned and gelled guy is probably studying something ambiguous like "management" and credits himself as way more hip than he really is.

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His wardrobe consists mostly of buttoned-down shirts that are almost two times too tight, backward snapbacks, and bold-font T's that he most likely wears unironically, though sometimes it's hard to tell. He packs a bowl with his crew almost every night, and despite his seemingly simple vocabulary and his generally one-dimensional conversation skills, he has an impressive vernacular in all things weed and is passionately dedicated to the various ways to smoke it, pack it, and bake it.

And don't get him started on the different types! He probably knows more variations of MJ than could name state capitals. He loves EDM and popular '90s bands, thus proclaiming "'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is like the sickest song, bro."

9. The Granny Cinephiles

Pretty much the best subgroup in the magical land of Hollywood, these ladies never miss a good flick. They love to gather up the homies and hit up Oakwood Plaza for the new Woody Allen movie around 3 in the afternoon. Their taste is varied but always good. The girls sure know how to pick 'em! We Need to Talk About Kevin, Blue Jasmine, Dallas Buyers Club, and American Hustle are among some of the films you can enjoy in their company. They travel in clumps and admittedly look good in their long-sleeved floral tops from the Gap. After getting their cinema fix for the day, they'll often have some supper at TGI Fridays with the young'uns, though they'll grimace at how loud it is.

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