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The Two Sevens Clash

In the beginning (meaning this past February), there was the '50s Sock Hop Party at Maguire's. Then came the '60s Garage/Soul Party in April. Now, Low-Fidelity Events brings us another decade closer to the modern era with its '77 Punk Pogo Dance Party. But the parade of leather jackets and bondage trousers won't be pouring into Maguire's this time. Instead, the party's been moved to Roxanne's in Oakland Park. Why the move? Well, in case you haven't heard, Thursday night is punk/rockabilly night at Roxanne's. The crowd's already there; now it's up to DJs Mike Hooker and Scotty Upton to turn things up a notch. And the next time some band covers the Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer," you'll know what the original version sounds like.

The '77 Punk Pogo Dance Party takes place Thursday, May 25, at Roxanne's on Main, 3148 NE 12th Ave., Fort Lauderdale. The free event starts at 10 p.m. Call 954-567-9552, or visit


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