The Used Reach Career Pinnacle, Will Play the Pepsi Stage at the South Florida Fair

The Used are reaching out to a younger fan base.
The Used are reaching out to a younger fan base.

Cotton candy, funnel cake, amusement rides, and the judging of sheep and other assorted farm animals just makes us downright happy. We're not entirely sure why, but walking through hay to reach a Ferris wheel makes us wish we were raised in the real suburbs, you know, where milking cows and feeding pigs reign supreme. We think screaming post-hardcore rockers the Used agree with us.

Reaching what's quite possibly the pinnacle of their ten-year career, they've decided to branch out and play the Pepsi Stage at the South Florida Fair on January 26. Hey, maybe they really like funnel cake.

As a start to what we predicted as being the "year of cheaper concerts," this show will set you back only $10, or free with fair admission. This show ticket will grant you pit access, but access to the petting zoo will be extra. And by petting zoo, we don't mean petting the musicians.

But why exactly did the Used choose the South Florida Fair as their next stop? Are they fans of fellow Pepsi Stage players Kansas? Did they always like fairs as kids? Is this the future of cheap concert tickets?

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With a big name like Pepsi luring bands with such a heavy fan following, we're a little worried for one of the bands we kind of grew up with. We're pretty sure they'll rope in all the grandparents and under 9's with their Wednesday performance, but what then? Are they going to be the new Justin Biebers of rock? We sure hope they're getting all-access fair passes, get to join in on some creative arts and crafts, and give tips to the "starz of the future."

If they were smart, though, they'd opt to judge the Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant, check out the Motorsports Experience, or the Really Cool Stuff Exposition. And really, where else can they go from here?

The Used, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 26, at the Pepsi Stage at the South Florida Fair, 9067 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach. $10 for pit access. Free with fair admission. Tickets available via

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