The Von Bondies

The Von Bondies have discovered a way for indie bands to catapult themselves from relative unknowns to media darlings overnight. Apparently, it involves Jack White's fists, your lead singer's face, and an album worthy of all the hype that comes after a much publicized bar brawl with the current god of garage rock. The Motor City revivalists' major-label debut is a visceral explosion of guitar distortion and bluesy rhythm. The hook-heavy singles "C'mon C'mon" and "The Fever" kick things into overdrive with urgent, adrenaline-pumping tempos and chant-along choruses, and the first five tracks race by in a sweaty 12 minutes. While all four members sing on most of the album's tracks, bassist Carrie Smith takes the mic on "Not That Social," a song that could easily be confused for a Breeders cover. The Von Bondies continue in the gritty legacy of the Stooges and the MC5, bar brawls and all, giving listeners another reason to cast aside the affected indie of the East Village and embrace Detroit as the rock city that it is.


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