The Wildhearts

Can you possibly compare Iron Maiden to Poison? Not really, but the Wildhearts are often compared to their U.K. brethren the Darkness. They're two different animals, and the Wildhearts' latest record leans further toward the dark chasm of metal than the glitter of glam-pop. The guitar work is ultimate shreddery, and the singing is far from operatic, in the best possible way. It's perfect for tailgating, barbecues, Junior League luncheons, or dancing around a pole, if that is your line of work. The only complaint, really, is that there's almost too much rockin' on this album. If you're one of those Red Bull-swilling, amphetamine-popping types, you'll be sufficiently satiated. But if you're someone who puts your mopey-pants on one leg at a time, the Wildhearts will send you running after your Smiths singles collection faster than you can say "asexual." And that's awesome. -- Maggie-Margret


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