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They'll Eat Your Car

Heavy metal's scatological answer to Spinal Tap arrives at Orbit on Wednesday, Jan. 23, in the midst of a tour to promote its latest piece of filth, Violence Has Arrived. It's more of the same from the boys who gave us such endearing numbers as "I'm in Love (with a Dead Dog)," "Slaughterama," and the ever-popular "Baby Raper" off their previous release, We Kill Everything. Are they serious? Consider this: According to the band, its membership is made up of intergalactic killers whose goal is to wipe out mankind, except for a choice few who will be kept around and forced into sexual slavery. Points for originality. GWAR's records, however, have continually done poorly when compared to its live performances. The problem: You can't really hear all the human sacrifices, fluid-leaking corpses, and giant maggots on CD.


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