This Week in Print: Xavier Rudd Is a Surprisingly Polarizing Figure
Photo by Kane Hibberd

This Week in Print: Xavier Rudd Is a Surprisingly Polarizing Figure

Down with performers from down under? Experience singer/songwriter Xavier Rudd, who is the subject of this week's lead feature and will perform at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. Writer Lee Zimmerman describes Rudd's laid-back approach to playing a shitload of instruments: "Surrounded onstage with a collection of guitars, banjos, bass guitar,

bells, percussion, and a didgeridoo (an instrument unique to the

Australian bush country), he captivates his audiences by deftly

switching from one instrument to another seamlessly." And yet, the guy is getting a lot of hate mail.

"People don't like me," he contends. "The industry doesn't like me. I

have that sort of shit that follows me around. While some people

definitely respect me in the home country, I'm treated with caution in

the music industry. Australia's a funny country. There's a lot of shame.

The things I talk about have never been talked about. They've been

swept under the carpet. I stand up for some sticky issues because that's

what I do; it's part of my thing. And that threatens people."

Here's hoping for a slightly better shake on Saturday.

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