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Thrice at Revolution, October 7

Southern California quartet Thrice has clearly taken the edict of "adapt or die" to heart. Though the band's been at it under the same name since 1998, the Thrice of 2011 is a wildly different animal. In fact, the Thrice of 2011 would probably not even be recognizable to the Thrice of even 2003. Back around the turn of the millennium, the group built a following for an emotional, scream-a-delic turn on posthardcore, not dissimilar to what buddies and frequent tour mates Thursday were doing back then. Just a few years later, the band zagged, marrying its time changes and unpredictable structures with increasing electronic sounds. The mid- and late-'00s saw Thrice release discs heavy on almost pure ambient textures. The group's latest effort, though, Major/Minor, released just last month, is another near-180, full of unabashedly soaring but heavy guitar.

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