Thrice to Play Revolution Live on July 2; Tickets on Sale Now

In 1998, a friend told Thrice vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dustin Kensrue that he'd beaten the game Frogger twice. Kensrue replied he'd beaten it "thrice," and the rest is band-name history.

The post-hardcore experimental rockers  have been going strong since, with six EPs, seven albums, a live album, and a few side projects to date. Though they've changed their sound a bit throughout the years, going from what they dubbed "a sleepy feeling" to "a little more upbeat and energetic," they've always managed to hint at their metal influences while staying true to their form and using nontraditional elements in the process -- among them keyboard melodies, Japanese music boxes, and chain gang chants.

Thrice are coming to Revolution on July 2. You might wanna snag some tickets to see them live, before it's too late.

See a video of their single "In Exile" off of their new album, Beggars, after the jump.

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