Throwback Tuesdays: Biz Markie!!

There's something about the video for "Just a Friend" and the song in general that was pivotal for an entire generation to get a better understand of what hip-hop really is. Up until this song went national, most hip-hop singles were either serious, message driven tunes of the "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash variety or harder than Teflon street ditties by the likes of Eric B. and Rakim, EPMD, Melle Mel etc. But when Biz Markie put out, "Just a Friend" in '89, it was cool for hip-hop to be party music. Which is what it really is in the first place. Kid N Play started making their House Party films, and the golden era of the genre was still alive. .

So here's the as ever, reminding you to never date a girl who says she just has a friend.

--Jonathan Cunningham


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