Thurston Moore's Top 10 Greatest Non-Sonic Youth Hits

Last week, our sister blog Crossfade announced that Sonic Youth founding member, general indie/rock impresario, and South Florida native Thurston Moore, would be headlining KURT, "a multi-discipline exhibition and study of the late Kurt Cobain," set to take place this December during Art Basel. 

Hey, smells like Basel to us. Sonic Youth may be in limbo, but Thurston remains Thurston.

Here's a look at our favorite Moore moments, excluding Sonic Youth.

10. Thurston Moore: Into Black Metal

The Internet is a fast-paced pervert. And if you want to stay relevant, you need to keep that greaseball sonuvabitch on a short leash. Thurston Moore keeps the Internet on a short leash. We know this is true because he plays in a black metal band called, "Twilight." Do you hate this more or less than Liturgy? We like both

9. Thurston Moore: Solo Artist

Hey if you like the poppy, angular jangle of Da Youf's driving, shoegaze-y rock, you will probably enjoy Thurson's trio of solo albums. As for his free-diddle noise jamming? Less ubiquitously enjoyed. But more on that later.

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