An acoustic version of the Misfits¹ ³Last Caress² right next to a trippy Massive Attack-ified space-pop spinout, followed by an ode to Robert Stack? One word: Finally! The man behind the music is Timb, a Boca Raton singer/songwriter/guitarist whose attitude is ³labels be damned.² He¹s put out two albums a year since 2001, wrapping up punk, hip-hop, metal, and Prince-style I-wanna-lay-you-down jams in a big, messy bow. And if that¹s not enough to make you break a sweat, he parodies wacky Rob Zombie on the song ³Hell Bent (American Style, Yeah)²: ³Supersize fries if you wanna object/berparalyze if you¹re feeling erect (yeah)/Paraplegic leeches gonna eat my mind/Screamin¹ while I¹m dreamin¹ of her exo-behind (yeah).² Fitness would be the perfect soundtrack for Friday nights at that dirty little club downtown where 30-something drunks try to sell their blood for money, rave kids fall into K-holes, and hipsters in sleeveless muscle T¹s drink $9 rum-and-Cokes and buy Quaaludes from a wobbly guy with a dirtstache, all in oblivious dystopian bliss.

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