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Timb's Krueller

You're not going to hear Timb on the radio anytime soon. It's not that he's untalented or too vulgar; it's because he's simply unclassifiable and might literally destroy the airwaves if he were broadcast on them. The best way to try to describe one of Timb's live solo shows is semi-stream-of-conscious stories, poetry, and comedic nonsense combined with acoustic guitars and drum machines. But tonight, Timb plays as "Timb's Krueller" (Krueller is his actual last name), so add thrashing guitars to the mix and you've got all the makings of an accidental musical revolution. Think the Dead Milkmen meet Slayer, with Atom and his Package on vocals, singing about a hard-core 24 addiction and you've got an idea of what to expect. And he's bringing the Freakin Hott with him — a night of filthy rock 'n' roll in Lake Worth should start your long weekend off right.

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