Title Fight at Goo Next Friday, June 19

Danielle Parsons
The name kind of says it all. John McHale certainly isn't getting rich on the backs of HC and punk bands that he brings to whatever venue will have him.  He is known for being an honest, if occasionally zany, promoter of all-ages shows in South Florida. This time Breakeven Booking is bringing a little slice of Pennsylvania to Goo. Title Fight blends lo-fidelity production with new jack punk stylings and the occasional breakdown. The melodies are sweet, belted out through scratchy earnest vocal chords, the tempos quick as lightning.

Title Fight plays Friday, June 19 at Goo (150 NW 54st) with My Complex Island and Reckless. Entry is 10 bucks and the show is all ages. No drinking inside the venue por favor. myspace.com/goomiami


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