Todd Wolfe Band Plots Two Blues-Fueled Local Shows

The Todd Wolfe Band is neither a run-of-the-mill bar band nor a true progressive power trio, but on first encounter, it seems intent on being both. A good portion of the band's recorded catalog is culled from live performances, but it places as much emphasis on precision as it does on spontaneity. Wolfe's résumé dates back 30 years, including a tenure with Sheryl Crow, and his ample expertise reflects the several decades he's spent sharpening his skills. Consequently, the group's latest album, The Todd Wolfe Band Live, should please both purists and those who appreciate more unbridled arrangements. Although there's little attempt to embellish a basic blues regimen, it gets heavy. "Roll Over," for example, brings to mind the no-holds-barred slide guitar revelry of Led Zeppelin, while the funky "Change Will Come" offers more than a hint of Hendrix, particularly in its rephrasing of "Voodoo Child."

The Todd Wolfe Band is unquestionably best seen live to fully appreciate its prowess and the visceral impact of Wolfe's mighty roar.


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