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Tonight! Boom Chick Begins East Coast Tour at Laser Wolf

Tonight! Boom Chick Begins East Coast Tour at Laser Wolf

The story behind Brooklyn's rock 'roll duo Boom Chick

is just as simple as their name. One evening on a whim, Moselle Spiller

sat down at a drum set, in turn impressing musician boyfriend Frank

Hoier with her natural ability to pick up a beat. It was at that point

the couple decided to pursue a musical career together, and well folks,

the rest is history.

"I'm really bad with counting, but if Frank says something with sounds, like boom chicka chicka, I can do it," says Spiller. "That is how we communicate, with sounds."

From then on the pair took on any gig they could get, playing over 100 shows including various Bushwick house parties. In November, the barely one-year-old duo released their debut album, Show Pony, consisting of eight original tracks including "When I Don't Love My Rock 'N Roll" and the strictly instrumental "Nailgun." In celebration of their new album is a tour beginning in the Sunshine State.

Boom Chick kicks off their tour bringing their blues-meets-garage rock sounds to Laser Wolf, a bar with a house party vibe perfect for this type of show. 

Boom Chick. 9 p.m. Wednesday, March 23 at Laser Wolf, 901 Progresso Drive, Ste. 101, Fort Lauderdale. Free. Click here

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