Top 10 Absolute Worst Music Trends of 2012

The world cannot possibly end fast enough. 

If we have to see Rihanna smoke one more blunt, listen to one more "Call Me Maybe" spin-off, or spend another minute contemplating how long Justin Bieber lasts in the sack, well, we're going to pretend like 2012 never happened. 

Which, actually, is what we're hoping shit will feel like come December 21, when the Mayan Calendar finally runs out and existence as we know it (potentially) collapses in on itself. 

After the cut, check out County Grind's top 10 musical reasons we would be alright with the Apocalypse. 
Top 10 Absolute Worst Music Trends of 2012

10. #YOLO (You Only Live Once, apparently)

WTF is this unsustainable bullshit? Didn't we just re-elect Barack Obama? And how is Drake so certain that we don't live multiple lives through cosmically repetitious cycles of reincarnation?

Top 10 Absolute Worst Music Trends of 2012

9. Partying on Instagram

2012 saw celebrities getting fucked-up on the internet like never before. While a lot of musicians have been posting digitally "vintage" photos of themselves doing knife-hits and drowning in hooch, Chris Brown proved to be the biggest idiot (for a change) by conducting an entire e-polaroid marijuana photo shoot.

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