Top 10 Songs About Sex On The Beach

Top 10 Songs About Sex On The Beach

Nothin screams summer in South Florida like gettin naked in the ocean and doin' the wild thing.

Or drinking peach Schnapps mixed with vodka, orange, and cranberry, in a highball glass with ice.

Either way, it's one of the world's favorite provocative statements. Here are the ten best songs about sex on the beach.

10. The Beach Boys - "Barbara Anne"

Barbara Anne is a girl that the Beach Boys meet at a dance when they're looking for romance. They try Mary Lou, dance with Peggy Sue, but according to the song, "none of those'll do." So they take it to the sand with Barbara Anne, and run a train.

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9. Spankers - "Sex On The Beach"

If Zoolander and the guys from Night At The Roxbury formed like Voltron to make one superdouche, and then produced a house track that could make a Buddhist temple booty dance, and then invited a couple of South American models to a dance party in a photo studio, and then brought out a camcorder, that would be exactly how this song and video came about. That's why it's got 5 million views.

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