Top 5 Venues to See a Metal Show in Broward and Palm Beach

Top 5 Venues to See a Metal Show in Broward and Palm Beach
Ian Witlen

South Florida loves its heavy metal. While the area may no longer spit out talented metal bands with the same tenacity it once did, there was a time when South Florida's extreme heat and humidity provided an ideal environment for the incubation of top-notch heavies in a way rivaled only by the likes of Tampa and Sweden.

Fortunately for us, metal tours still hit South Florida with a consistency that fans of most other genres would kill for. We have it good when it comes to metal shows, and that's due in large part to the fact that bands, promotors, and booking agents all understand the unwavering reality that is the South Florida metal fan: A breed of ride or die head-banger not afraid to come out on a Monday night, swill beer, churn a pit, and scream their fuckin' head off into the wee hours.

Additionally, South Florida is home to enough heavy metal temples to house covens of all sizes. Venues not afraid of the depraved rituals and sonic baptisms that metal shows consist of. Structures built to withstand countless assaults of blastbeats, dive bombs, and hoards of inebriated maniacs losing their collective shit. Here are our top 5 places to see a metal show in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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1. Culture Room - Fort Lauderdale

The Culture Room is a South Florida metal institution. Still independently owned and consistently booking remarkable shows (last year alone they hosted Morbid Angel, Marduk, what had to be Cannibal Corpse's 50th show there...), the place is a proper tradition at this point. If the club's smoke-tainted walls could speak, they'd sound like Mark Lanegan doing a Tom Waits impression, they'd tell of countless nights of absolutely primal heavy metal mayhem, and they would probably tell you what you did in the bathroom in 1994 was just not cool, man.

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