Top 50 Punk Bands, a State-by-State Breakdown, Part One: Alabama to Georgia

My editor insists.
My editor insists.
Jon Iraundegi (aterpeirun)

A few weeks back, we embarked on a journey to augment our sister paper LA Weekly's listing of the top punk bands of all time. While we concluded that such a grandiose scheme was bound to rattle some cages, we decided to tackle the beast in increments, since the genre is far too rich to boil down to a paltry 20 acts. We've already presented a listing of the top 20 protopunk bands, and today we'll embark on the first of five listings of regional punk bands by state.

This is in no way a listing of the "best" bands these states have had to offer but rather a good jumping-off point for you to discover the vast contributions the whole nation has given to the genre.

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The Knockabouts - "Shit Home Alabama"

Roughly from 1983, the Knockabouts hailed from Huntsville and were active until 1986. Technically Alabama's first hardcore outfit, you've gotta love anyone in the South who blatantly disrespects the Holy Grail of Jacksonville's Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Clyng-Onz - "Bums"

Anchorage's Clyng-Onz were a fun little act with the right punk-rock attitude and some horrible '80s haircuts. With a woman on bass and some jaunty licks, this band surely confused a few in its day.


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