Top Five Hairdos You'll See at Warped Tour 2013

Top Five Hairdos You'll See at Warped Tour 2013
Ian Witlen

Every year, as the Van's Warped Tour rolls around, South Florida's youth round up their skate shoes, don their favorite band T-shirts, strap on their studded belts and pukka shell necklaces, and head to the fairgrounds.

But it isn't enough to just dress the part of pop-punk tween; one must thoroughly absorb the power-chord-pop culture. What better way to express your sense of scene than sacrificing your coif for the sake of rock 'n' roll?

Here are five hairstyles that no Warped Tour date would be complete without.

Top Five Hairdos You'll See at Warped Tour 2013
Ian Witlen

5. The Emotionally Bereft Side-Part

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Whether it's the teen drama queen or a sad young lad, this 'do is easy to spot since the head it sits on will be twitching to the left or right (whichever side the part falls to). They are constantly getting it freshly snipped (Shhh! Don't tell anyone!), yet the bangs are still too long to properly eat, drink, watch a band, or even text.

It's likely that those rocking this mop listen to Bright Eyes as intently as your grandmother listens to the Sunday gospel at church. If they aren't mourning their last relationship, they are mourning the loss of the feeling of mourning their last relationship.

It's a good bet those locks are clean, though, so there isn't a better person to risk getting shoved into, because you might not want to get a face-full of any of the following hair.

Top Five Hairdos You'll See at Warped Tour 2013
Ian Witlen

4. Those in Genetic Denial, AKA Petters

This one is effectually more forgiving on chicks than dudes. There are tools involved in this look (and by tools, we're not referring just to folks wearing their hair this way). The most important of those is the flat iron.

It is a thing of difficulty to watch an awkward adolescent reject his or her naturally straight hair in favor of the "scrunch" or "crunch," as it can alternately be called. Also when a whippersnapper is given the gift of voluminous waves or springy curls, or better yet, the thick textured hair that grows out before it grows long, then chooses to suppress those genetics with a flat iron, just so to fit some sort of social aesthetic.

In the time they've wasted on corralling the strands into order, just to have the humidity instantly warp the shape, these guys and gals could be learning how to play power chords on their Squires or perusing the latest on Pitchfork.

If it seems hard to pick the Genetic Denial type out in the crowd, peek around to catch them literally petting themselves. They look more worried about their hair than about those kids in front of them who are about to break the "no moshing" rule.

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