Top Five S.S. Coachella Acts You Shouldn't Miss

Photo by John Londono

OK, let's start out by saying the S.S. Coachella's lineup is straight-up solid as fuck. We'd pay good money to see any of these artists do a solo show around South Florida. But as music editor Liz Tracy prepares to board the music cruise, we've thought about the five acts we'd desperately want to see if we could sneak into her luggage.

You can feel free to disagree with our choices -- in fact, we encourage it. (Leave comments below telling us your favorites.)

Here's hoping that sometime before or after the Celebrity Silhouette embarks on her musical voyage, these acts perhaps "pop up" around some of the area's venues as an early Christmas present to us.

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5. Tokimonsta
There are a lot of female electronic musicians out there. Some say they don't get the same respect as their male peers because of the extra X chromosome. But Los Angeles' Tokimonsta is here to make you shut the fuck up. She last performed in Miami during Winter Music Conference (natch), but you probably made the mistake of missing her set. If you are lucky enough to get on the cruise, do not miss her hypnotic, Flying Lotus-approved beats.

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