Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands

Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands

It is my pleasure to present ten of the best bands in punkdom that embraced their LGBT roots and took to the airwaves. Am I an expert in queer theory? No. Not at all. But I know what I like, and these bands rage right there alongside their straight contemporaries. And while many of my gay friends will prefer to hear Madonna, I will endeavor to abstain from mentioning her in this list for the obvious reason.

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1. The Dicks - "Saturday Night at the Bookstore"

Hailing out of progressive Austin, the Dicks were part of that early, 1980s Reagan-influenced socio-political hardcore scene. Singer Gary Floyd was as open as they come, and on this track, which reminds us of the Stooges' "Jesus Loves the Stooges" and the Dead Kennedys' "Night of the Living Rednecks," he pulls no stops on those who went on the down low in his community.

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2. The Big Boys - "Spit"

Also from Austin, a veritable breeding ground for the alternative, the Big Boys were pioneers of the hardcore and skate punk scenes. Not as overtly political or sexually oriented as the Dicks, singer Randy "Biscuit" Turner was a beloved outsider artist and openly gay man who died in 2005 from cirrhosis of the liver due to an untreated Hepatitis C infection.


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