Top Ten Most Famous Hats in Music History

Top Ten Most Famous Hats in Music History
Jeffrey Delannoy

Subscribers to guitar magazines are probably those most excited about Slash coming to town August 29 at Hard Rock Live. But a close second would be hat aficionados.

Slash might still be a household name for his blistering guitar playing with Guns N' Roses alone, and while his trademark hair, sunglasses, and tough sounding name probably have something to do with his continued fame, it is undoubtedly that black top hat which makes him an icon. In his honor we present the ten most famous hats in music.

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10. The Edge

Does this U2 guitarist have anything under his signature skull cap? Any hair, any flesh? Who knows?! No one's ever seen him with it off. Not his own wife, not even his own mother.

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9. Jimi Hendrix

The great guitarist was known to wear a sombrero that was sort of a precursor to Slash's. The purple haze bandana around the hat gives it more of a swinging sixties vibe. For your convenience, the Hendrix estate sells versions of that hat at their official online store for $27.99.

8. Rick Nielsen

The Cheap Trick guitarist found a way to stick out from the glut of 1970's guitar players with a flipped brim, old school baseball cap. His bowties and googly eyes probably helped make him distinct, but as the band continues to tour playing "Dream Police" and "Surrender," the eyes and wardrobe are more subdued. It is the cap that remains.

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