Top Ten Rapper Movie Cameos of All Time

Top Ten Rapper Movie Cameos of All Time

A thousand eulogies were written last week for Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly, the rapper, who shot to fame with the rap duo Kriss Kross. Very few of those notices eulogized Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly, the movie star who also died last week.

Kelly, along with his partner in sound Chris Smith, in case you missed it, appeared in the 1992 comedy Who's The Man as two punk kids. To celebrate the much too short life of Chris Kelly, we recognize ten other odd cinematic cameos by rap superstars.

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10. Nothing But Trouble

This stinkfest is noteworthy for one reason, and it's not the terrible make-up Dan Aykroyd wears as an old, small town judge, but for Tupac Shakur's first acting role as a member of hip-hop group Digital Underground who play the wedding band for a wedding between Chevy Chase and John Candy in drag.

9. Meteor Man

This superhero spoof is short on laughs, but high as a hip-hop historical reference. Big Daddy Kane, Cypress Hill, and Naughty by Nature all make their presence known.

8. That's My Boy

Vanilla Ice was the star of Cool As Ice, so that's not eligible for this list. But his role as himself in this Adam Sandler vehicle is small enough to make it a glorified cameo, but also big enough for Vanilla to be nominated for a Razzie for 2012's worst supporting actor.

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