Top Ten Strangest Music Videos of the Nineties

Top Ten Strangest Music Videos of the Nineties

The nineties were packed with meaningful and defining moments. Walls were torn down, dresses were stained, our economy was the healthiest it's ever been -- but most of all, the music industry thrived in ways it could never thrive again. Not to say music doesn't currently thrive, but the idea of coming home from school, chucking your backpack by the stairs, and zoning out to music videos on MTV isn't really an option for kids today.

Music videos have become completely reliant on mediums like YouTube or music news websites to gain exposure. It's now up to the viewer to seek out these visual expressions of sound, and good luck finding a video that's going to leave much of an impression.

That's where the nineties really succeeded: Prematurely exposing impressionable minds to graphic and otherwise questionable imagery that could never make it to the screen today. What follows is a list of the ten strangest videos of the nineties as we see it -- the ones that left us saying, "What the hell?" -- along with a sense of solidarity in realizing those vivid scenes freaked other people out, too.

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10. Pearl Jam - "Jeremy"

The story is that Eddie Vedder read a story in the daily paper about a kid who got up in front of his high school English class and shot himself. The result is the song "Jeremy," which in itself simply falls in line with a lot of nineties-era alternative/grunge music as far as lyrics and sound go. But even without the clammy, half-dressed adolescent and his troubling doodles in the forest, the effect the video's lighting has on Vedder's cheekbones is enough to want to avert your eyes.

9. Master P - "Make Em Say Ugh"

Something about the nineties had even hip hop artists lusting after b-baller status, and Master P was no exception. In fact, this no limit soldier, who once had more street credit than David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have after the last Game of Thrones episode, seemed to be so drawn to the idea of court life that the entire video is set on a basketball court, with no apparent context to the song, and what seems like every single person Master P knows dancing around in custom-made jerseys.

There's a tank in the middle of the court and then, of course, Mystikal, whose ass is strategically placed in a basketball hoop. There's something terrifying about the mixture of excess being exploited here, especially when combined with the absolute irrelevance these rappers have on our culture today.

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