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Trick Daddy

In case you didn't know, the mayor of Miami is not always Manny Diaz. Although Diaz is a nice fellow and knows a lot about politics, he can handle only so much authority and essentially presides over the city from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. But as nighttime falls and Miami's vices come to life, Diaz's power ceases to exist and the one and only Trick Daddy takes ownership, which is why he's known as the real mayor of Miami. And who are we to tell him any different? After 2 Live Crew fell from prominence, Trick Daddy single-handedly kept Miami hip-hop on the map and helped build Slip-N-Slide records into a local, then regional, then national powerhouse. He's since parted ways with Slip-N-Slide (friends and money make strange bedfellows) but he's still rapping and representing the MIA to the fullest. This Saturday, Trick Daddy and his Dunk Ryder crew are taking over Sobe Live and hosting the biggest hip-hop party of the weekend. Lots of industry heavyweights should be stopping by — and if you like your hip-hop music loud and hood, then Sobe Live is definitely the place to be.


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