Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Almost everyone knows someone like Triumph -- no, not a canine puppet chomping on a cigar and leering like a lecherous Bela Karolyi but a friend with a sense of humor so perverted and dirty that it boomerangs from offensive to hysterical. Poop is a comedy disc with more bitch references than a Jay-Z LP. The Caribbean-flavored "Underage Bichon" is a laugh-out-loud cautionary tale about puppy lust ("But this bitch was only ten months old, and now I have to pay"), and the Jack Black-abetted heavy-metal hell-raiser "Bob Barker" highlights the frustrations of the neutered class ("You took my brother's balls!"). Overly long prank phone calls are painfully unfunny, and "Cats Are Cunts," featuring Conan O'Brien, never quite lives up to its promising title. But for every immature dookie joke, Triumph zings listeners with outlandish one-liners. His debut is nothing more than a novelty disc, sure, but it still provides a fair amount of laughs... for us to poop on.

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