Uberzone Returns to Fort Lauderdale to Ignite Revolution

Back in 1995, Timothy Wiles performed his first show as Uberzone at the Edge in Fort Lauderdale. Since then, the name of the club has changed a couple of times (it's now home to Revolution Live), but the name Uberzone has become well-recognized among the international dance music community. Throughout the mid- to late '90s, singles such as "Botz" and the Afrika Bambaataa collaboration "2 Kool 4 Skool" found their way into underground clubs via the decks of breakbeat stars like DJ Icey and Adam Freeland as well as through Uberzone's own performances, including a stint opening for the Crystal Method.

Over the years, Uberzone's signature tweaks and thrusting low-end jams have driven electro-heads into sweaty frenzies. His most recent LP, 2007's Ideology, won high praise, and a steady stream of Uberzone singles, remixes, collaboration efforts, and production work has kept him busy since then. After his return to the Edge reincarnated as Revolution, he'll be off to Spain for June's Ultranation 2010.


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