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Uh Huh Her at Culture Room 5/13

Los Angeles duo Uh Huh Her appears to display its musical predilections openly. The all-female group's name is cribbed, after all, from the P.J. Harvey album of the same name. Strangely, though, you won't really find any musical traces of the English guitar queen's moody sound in theirs. Rather, the band Uh Huh Her is all about pretty, upbeat, new-wave-inflected guitar pop. Songs like "Explode" sound like straight-up New Order outtakes (if sung by a woman, of course), while slower fare like "Mystery Lights" shows a more introspective but no less slick side. The pop-mindedness can probably be traced largely back to band cofounder Camila Grey. Although she's a graduate of the noise-rock act Mellowdrone, she's also honed her chops playing bass and keys for crowd pleasers like Kelly Osbourne and Adam Lambert. Fans of Metric should particularly dig this.


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