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Unmentionables Invade Margate

It's just another weekend in Margate, when the malls and Playstation-filled living rooms of this lowly suburb belch forth hordes of disaffected youth eager for cheap beer and loud music. Lucky for them, good old nappy-ass Mother's Pub is in full compliance with the newly ratified Dive Bar Act. Every Saturday night, there's a different local show at which parents can see their babies, and many others, gettin' sloppy. And at the first PervertFest 2003, you can see the usual musical Margate kids and their various incestuous projects become sticky and congealed as they adopt parallel-universe identities for the night. A milquetoast "family" newspaper couldn't print the names of the acts set to appear, but at New Times, we'd like to believe we're all family, even sick perverts from miserable Margate. Thus, we're going out on a limb to champion the likes of Clit Wound, Fungus Twat, Six Nipple Skittles, and the Snatch Lickers when they lay siege to all that is sacred at 9 p.m. Saturday, October 18, at Mother's Pub, 2160 Mears Pkwy., Margate, 954-979-9747.

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