Unter Null and Cyanotic Industrialize Respectables

Unter Null has been Portland, Oregon, resident Erica Dunham's industrial-music baby since 1998. With elements of punk rock, IDM, metal, and electronica, she's managed to stay relevant with theatrics that set her apart from her peers. It also helps that the band that backs her live manages to reproduce her solo studio efforts with ease. So while unter null might be German for below zero, there's nothing frigid here.

Aiding in the night's industrialization of West Palm Beach will be South Bend, Indiana,'s Cyanotic, with its industrial rock 'n' roll racket that borrows from the intensity of the drum 'n' bass scene. Its eight years of heavy touring, working, and remixing for artists within its genre culminate in its recent album, The Medication Generation.


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