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Up Close and Personal Tour

Fathers, hide your daughters. There's a concert coming through town this week that may have your little angel all hot and bothered sooner than you'd expect. The Up Close and Personal tour hits the BankAtlantic Center on Boxing Day and it's full of teen heart throbs with bad intentions. OK, maybe they don't have bad intentions, but the hip-hop and R&B sensations on this show could all grace the cover of Tiger Beat, they're so darned cheeky and sly. The biggest names on the tour are Chris Brown and Bow Wow — both of whom could charm the panties off women twice their age — and the second-tier performers are just as alluring with Hurricane Chris, Sean Kingston, Lil Mama, and Soulja Boy completing the line-up. If you're wondering about that last performer, yup, it's the same Soulja Boy that wants to "superman" your young daughter (and he's not a superhero), which is reason enough to be alarmed. Thankfully, the main reason teenagers around the country tend to crush on these artists is because they're fun to listen to and not just cute. They've all got a couple of hits under their belt and should put on a nice PG-13 style urban concert for all to enjoy.


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