Vanilla Ice Will Appear on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

C. Stiles

Rob Van Winkle knows a thing or two about a media blitz. As a matter of fact, there had never been anything like the publicity machine behind Vanilla Ice when he exploded all over America 20 years ago.

Compared to that, his recent publicity -- in anticipation of his reality show, the Vanilla Ice Project, premiering on the DIY Network next month -- seems like a drop in the bucket.

Next Monday's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno will be the newest addition to a list that already includes an interview in the New York Times, spots on several other television talk shows, regular radio gigs, and a big stunt that involved driving a Cadillac through a fireball and into a lake.

(We'd like to think we kicked off this new wave of popularity with this profile, done a year ago, when Rob was just beginning to film his show.)

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Of course, some of the most memorable incidents in Vanilla Ice's history have come on late-night talk shows. Most famous, perhaps -- up there with the "Theirs goes: 'Ding-ding-ding ding-a ding-ding' and ours goes 'Ding-ding-ding ding-a ding-ding dink'" interview and the MTV video smash -- is his colorful appearance on the Arsenio Hall show.

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