Velvet Underground Tribute

Mr. E and Boise Bob

We already know the drill: Not many people listened to the Velvet Underground at the time the seminal quartet changed rock music in the late 1960s, but everyone who did ended up starting a band. Something like that must have happened down here as well, because there's no shortage of groups dabbling in art, drugs, perversion, misplaced morality, idol worship, plodding simplicity, and occasional fragments of real beauty. Nor do we want for tribute concerts. Paying lingering respects to pale blue eyes at this Velvet Underground Tribute will be local acts Maypop, Mr. Entertainment and the Latter-day Pookiesmackers, Bikes, Boise Bob, Whirlaway, Rom, Wolfboy and the Fantods, Full Medicine Cabinet, and Baby Robots. Mr. Entertainment's new collection of Latter-day Pookiesmackers at least will carry high the torch of irreverence, with band members Kris Pistofferson, Neil Peartcocet, Sexual Harassment Ford, and Peter Specials. Would Lou approve?

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