Video: Christian Rappers DC Talk Chopped, Screwed, and Saved

Word of the day courtesy of Michael Tait.
Word of the day courtesy of Michael Tait.

"You like soul? Grow an Afro." This and many more jaw-dropping moments come together as part of pal Rich Juzwiak's latest clip-mé·lange dedicated to DC Talk at his FourFour blog. Anyone who grew up with Focus on the Family paraphernalia sitting on the coffee table probably thinks he knows where this is heading. But "DC Talk was amazing" takes the group's VHS DC Talk: Rap, Rock & Soul and brings out some rather giggle-worth slang, outfits, and the obligatory crotch-bumps. Will I make the sign of the cross before ever consuming a piece of fried chicken again? Undoubtedly.


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