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Noah Garbarino behind the camera.
Noah Garbarino behind the camera.

Video: Lavola Captured in Stunning Quality at Dada

Not only is Noah Garbarino an integral part of Delray Beach indie-rock act A Hunter's Pace but he's a pretty exceptional photographer and videographer. Lately, he's been pointing his Canon 5d Mark ii at some area musicians with gorgeous results to show for it. In addition to a noirish capture of the Howling Winds performing "Heavy Drinking," Garbarino devoted some serious lens time to last weekend's Lavola performance at Dada.

Four Lavola songs in all, including a new track called "9/8,"  are up now at the A Hunter's Pace YouTube Page, and each provides a detailed, polished eye on the West Palm Beach band's performance style. Watch below.

"Black Sea of Trees":

"The Philosopher's Daughter":

"The Queen is Dead":


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