Video: Miley Cyrus Takes Bong Rip While Listening to What?!

Some folks will hem and haw at pop icon Miley Cyrus lifting herb smoke into her lungs from a glass bong, but prudishness is not how County Grind got started. Yes, it could be salvia, according to TMZ, but that's seems unlikely and irrelevant. The pantheon of pop stars definitely did inhale.

Moreso, now that the Hannah Montana actress and "Party in the USA" songstress is newly 18, she has some important musical decisions ahead. Sure, she doesn't actually know any Jay-Z songs, but she did want to meet Radiohead at the Grammys. Thom Yorke put the kibosh on that, however. So, what did this free-thinking teen have blasting during a psychedelic party night even Michael Phelps can appreciate? Pink Floyd? The Mars Volta? Wiz Khalifa? Watch below.

We don't want to come back down from this one either. Too painful.


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